About Us


Suke Alex

Established in 1999. We are well established industry in the field of fabrication and installation of top quality Aluminum windows & doors, Aluminum kitchen cabinet and all other Aluminum & Glass related works in U.A.E. Apart from these we do maintenance and repair works related to aluminum & glass. We are equipped with highly skilled and experienced staff and technicians. The company’s success is due to maintaining strict quality control without compromise yet at competitive prices.

Our Mission

Suke Alex

We listens to clients and delivers high quality products and services, they trust and value, with continued commitment to safety, also striving to develop mutually rewarding relationships with its employees and suppliers, while operating to the highest ethical and professional standards, differentiating us from competitors.

Our Vision

Suke Alex

Our company’s vision is to keep our customers satisfied and provide them with innovative products & services at a very competitive price. Currently, we have made projects in U.A.E. for villas, residential and commercial buildings.

Why Choose Us?

It's a great question that comes to everyone's mind, why choose us?. Every company has its own set of qualities which is a true combo between client and company.These are some the reasons to choose us in Aluminium work industry


What differs us from our competitors is that, we fabricate the product at unique way that satisfies the client need.

We Give Value for Money

We fabricate the products with high quality aluminum and components. You pay for what it worth.

In Time

We deliver the product as per the time charted.

Competitive Price

We fabricate the product for the price less than or at the market price and provide high quality products to our customers.

Customer Satisfaction

The company’s success is due to our satisfied customers and the quality work we provide to the clients


After the installation it’s not over. We do maintenance for it’s long term usage.

Experienced Staff

We are equipped with highly skilled, experienced staff and technicians.

All Over UAE

We are U.A.E based company and we are wide spreaded through out the country

Our Services

Wide range of aluminum & glass work.

Kitchen Cabinets

If you are aware of the latest market trend, you might have come across with aluminium kitchen cabinet. aluminium is one of the popular material choice for kitchen cabinet.In fact, aluminium kitchen cabinets simply outstand traditional wood or fiberboard kitchen cabinets in various way. It is considered a breakthrough in kitchen cabinetry world as aluminium has prominent performance over wood derivatives cabinets

Aluminium Composite

Aluminum Composite Panel Cladding (ACP) is a widely-used term, describing flat panels that consist of thermoplastic core bonded between two aluminum sheets. ACPs are frequently used for external cladding of buildings (building facades). The main advantage of ACP is that, it is very rigid and strong, despite of its light weight. Due to the ability of painting the aluminum in any color, ACPs are produced in a wide range of metallic and non-metallic colors as well as patterns that imitate other materials, such as wood or marble.

Aluminium Doors

Aluminium is the strongest and most durable material, easy to clean and maintain. Quality single and double glazed aluminium doors are therefore the most expensive choice in the door market. Aluminium doors are often used for commercial properties and retail facilities. Nevertheless, they are also extremely well suited for residential properties. High-end aluminium doors can be built in large sizes in a variety of shapes, types and configurations. Precision manufactured aluminium (extrusion) profiles are anodised, then powder-coated to your liking and design approach in every colour.

Aluminium Louver

Louvers have become recognized as a sustainable way to cut down heating and cooling costs and are an effective system for controlling the climate in a building and guiding fresh air in while ushering stale air out. Contractors easily design louvers to fit into homes, commercial structures and industrial constructions and give customers several options to choose from when it comes to size, shape, building materials and finish. The material chosen to manufacture a louver should be considered just the same as the elements being used to build the rest of a structure’s framework. Besides its low cost, aluminum louvers have several advantages to think over that can benefit a building in numerous ways.